Repair Permissions!

“Repair your permissions.” It’s the Mac OS X cure-all for fixing almost anything, taking the mantle from the days of rebuilding your desktop. Along with restarting your computer, fixing permissions seems to eliminate 90% of the little problems that can occur everyday on an OS X computer. Recently, we began to have problems with several computers while printing to our Xerox Splash RIPs. We quickly realized that reinstalling the print drivers fixed the issue. Then one day while reinstalling print drivers for the second time on the same machine I started thinking: the OS obviously can’t see some of the files necessary to print. Why is that? The answer hit me like a ton of bricks: incorrect file permissions. If a file’s permissions are wrong, other parts of the OS can not access that file. I repaired the permissions and the printing program went away. Yes, this “quick-fix” really is the first step in troubleshooting any OS X issue.

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