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Sometimes I get tired of listening to the same music I’ve copied onto my work computer. I need a little variety while sitting in front of a computer for hours straight. Seeqpod is a web-based music player that can find music on the web and then play it like an iPod. Search for a song or artist, then add whichever songs you like to its flash-based music player. And if you’ve registered, you can save playlists for later.

Pandora does Seeqpod one better. With this innovative music service, you create personalized “radio stations” based on the music you like. To begin, enter a song or artist you like. Then, Pandora cross references music types from the music genome project to find more songs of the same variety. If you don’t like a song, you can give it a thumbs down. If you love a song, give it a thumbs up. The more you vote, the more Pandora figures out your likes and dislikes. You can also create multiple radio stations for those days when your music tastes take you in a different direction.

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  1. You didn’t mention LaLa – http://www.lala.com. This web player’s interesting feature is that you can play any song you own (it scans your collection and keeps a list). You listen to random music it plays for free. If you want to hear a specific song, you pay ten cents and can listen to that song online anytime. If you want to download that song, you pay .79 cents and it is yours as an MP3.

    A really fair way to let you discover new music and own it.

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